If you’re reading this, chances are you’re sizing me up for an employment or consulting opportunity. Below is a synopsis of accomplishments I’m proud of, which I hope highlights the kind of leadership, communication and geek skills I bring to the table. For more details on many of these projects, see my past project list on this website. Better yet, contact me.

  • Driving a 3-month effort to write a government application for tax exemption for a company producing vehicle efficiency technologies. This was one of those situations that happen in a start-up environment, where somebody needs to own the project and get it done. I took the reins and garnered a tax exemption on $3.7 million in manufacturing equipment purchases. You can read the report here: http://www.marichiba.com/files/projects/writing-sample3_Marichiba_Green-Vehicles-tax-exclusion-application.pdf.
  • Guiding the creation of online infrastructure as Director of Sustainability for Green Vehicles, Inc, to track the various aspects of operations that would impact our environmental footprint. This system served as a repository for resources and ideas on how to address sustainability challenges, such as end-of-life battery recycling or brake-pad toxicity. I also engaged the company in its first formal mission-vision-values exercise to anchor our environmental values in the DNA of the business.
  • Hiring and managing a team of three documentation engineers from scratch to cover all aspects of Altera’s embedded processor products and design tools.
  • Meeting deadlines for writing and editing over 1,000 pages of documentation and online help topics synchronized to the twice-a-year software release cycle at Altera Corporation. An example of those documents is the Nios II Software Developers Handbook, which you can download here: http://www.marichiba.com/files/projects/writing-sample1_Marichiba_NiosII-software-developers-handbook.pdf
  • Documenting the Avalon Interface Specification, a microprocessor peripheral interface created by Altera, from version 1.0 through many evolutions. For this project, I was so involved with the development team that product developers would often come to me to discuss how the interface worked and how it could be improved. Download a copy here: http://www.marichiba.com/files/projects/writing-sample2_Marichiba_Avalon-interface-specification.pdf
  • Producing Green Business Camp Santa Cruz, a business conference that tested my skills at team management and customer communication. I managed a team of volunteers through an intense effort to produce a business conference for over 100 people. I also managed all customer communications, and wrote all marketing copy. Download the day’s schedule here: http://www.marichiba.com/files/projects/green_business_camp_schedule.pdf
  • Releasing a plugin to the WordPress community by submitting code into WordPress’s open-source Subversion repository for developers. This project stemmed from a need in my own web development work, and was a fun side-project to flex my PHP and JavaScript skills using the Aptana IDE. Visit the plugin page here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-youtube-shortcode/

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