It can be tough evolving from a one-man shop to a well-established small business. My client Hunter Finnell Media has a full-service video production company in just such a situation. The company offers commercial audio and video production for individuals, businesses and organizations on California’s Central Coast, and demand for their services is growing like mad. I am a marketing and communications consultant for the company, having fun exploring how to brand the company, showcase its service on the web, and connect with clients through the web, social media, and TV.

Working as the company’s creative marketing team, I (with a partner) designed a new web strategy for the company, from the website requirements specifications, to writing content for web pages, all the way through implementation of the website.

This entrepreneur’s biggest challenge was one of time and focus: He simply didn’t have the bandwidth to think about web strategy at all. The delightful discovery for him was how far he could go by turning the whole ball of wax over to a trusted team that manages the design process and oversees development. In this project, I am particularly proud of the trust and respect we have earned from the client, who now considers us part of his on-going support team.

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