Sometimes you capture video gold! Well, OK. “Gold” is subjective. But this video was exactly what I needed this week when I wanted to prune my pear and apple trees. My friend Shane Murphy of Tierra Madre Farm demonstrates how to prune a pear or apple tree.

Last year I recorded Shane, expert tree grafter and farmer extraordinaire, pruning our Asian pear tree. (“I’ll just shoot some quick-n-dirty footage to remember what he’s saying…”) Sure enough, this spring I couldn’t remember what the heck to do with my trees. Luckily, I remembered I had last year’s footage on my iPhone. In 15 minutes I knew everything I needed and was out pruning my trees!

If you’re looking for fruit trees, I highly recommend talking to the nice folks at Tierra Madre ( They’re super nice, super knowledgeable, and they really care about doing business that’s good for the earth and preservative of our bio-diversity.

The website says:

We are a small farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California that preserves and promotes the diversity of our world’s crops. Ordering from Tierra Madre Farm helps preserve our agricultural heritage. 831.423.3705

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