From July to October 2009 I co-produced Green Business Camp Santa Cruz 2009, sponsored by Inner Light Ministries. My participation evolved into serving as the project manager, communications director, and emcee for this event.

Green Business Camp Santa Cruz 2009 was a one-day Unconference event bringing together small green business owners and entrepreneurs from Santa Cruz County, Monterey County, Santa Clara County, San Benito County and the surrounding areas. The event engaged over 100 participants and several sponsors who are passionate about creating positive environmental and social impact through their businesses. This event was based on the San Francisco Green Business Camp held earlier in 2009.

This was  my first experience producing an event, and I learned a lot about managing the hundreds of details and communications that event production requires: Scouting a keynote speaker, coordinating with media outlets, issuing press releases, organizing teams, planning for the Open Space activity, managing online ticket sales, and coordinating a buffet for 100 people. I enjoyed serving as the communications director and emcee, being the mouthpiece for the event. It was good to integrate my communications skills from my marketing days and my improv skills. Overall, the project made good use of my background and MBA.

The event was a success. After a slow start to ticket sales, I was happy we ended up with over 100 participants. We consistently heard good feedback throughout the day and after.

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